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Rotterdam Ahoy is situated in the up-and-coming ‘Heart of South’ area. This venue is easily reached, whether you’re travelling by public transport, bicycle or car.

If you are travelling by public transport, metro and bus stop ‘Zuidplein’ are within walking distance (5 minutes). The trip to Rotterdam Ahoy will only take 11 minutes from the city centre. If you come to the city via the air, a combination of bus and metro will bring you to Rotterdam Ahoy quickly. Schiphol airport is only 26 minutes away from Rotterdam Central Station. And what’s more Dutch than riding a bicycle? Rotterdam Ahoy is easy and safe to get to for cyclists. The venue offers (unattended) parking for bicycles, just outside the Ahoy complex. For those who are travelling by car, Rotterdam Ahoy is located just off the A15 motorway and has its own parking area with a capacity of 2,000 spaces.

Rotterdam Ahoy


Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands


The Netherlands and Rotterdam are the perfect location for hosting the 26th World Energy Congress.

About the city

Travel & Accommodation

Rotterdam’s strategic location in Western Europe make it an easily accessible city, with an excellent range of hotels to match your accommodation needs to your budget.

Travel & Accommodation
portrait image of Charlot Magayi

"As an energy entrepreneur from Nairobi, I'm looking forward to seeing how the World Energy Congress promotes better energy for communities in Africa and to being inspired by how others are tackling the global challenge of modern energy access for all."

Charlot Magayi

Founder and CEO, Mukuru Clean Stoves

portrait image of Ben Hutt

"Three major world crisis - covid, climate and conflict - have revealed the importance and fragility of energy systems. They have reminded us that we must manage the energy trilemma of security, affordability, and sustainability to avoid new shocks and crises."

Ben Hutt

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Evergen

Portrait image of Gaia Vince

"As we enter the age of the Anthropocene, our human footprint deepens, and we are changing the world as never before. I'm looking forward to conversations about energy for both people and planet at the 26th World Energy Congress, as we prepare for a fundamental shift in how we live."

Gaia Vince

Journalist, Broadcaster and Author

Portrait image of Dr Leonard Birnbaum

"Few events can boast of bringing together such diverse energy leadership and the perspectives of so many different sectors under one roof. I look forward to reconnecting with my peers at the 26th World Energy Congress."

Dr. Leonhard Birnbaum

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management, E.ON

Portrait image of Rafael Mateo

"We know that new zero is not enough and at ACCIONA we have a planet-positive strategy and the provision of renewable energy is at the heart of regeneration. It's a privilege to be part of the 26th World Energy Congress and its vision to redesign energy for people and the planet"

Rafael Mateo

Chief Executive Officer, ACCIONA EnergÍa