The Netherlands and Rotterdam are the perfect location for hosting the 26th World Energy Congress.

With its goal of becoming a climate neutral city by 2050, Rotterdam is considered a key energy hub. It’s not only this goal that sets Rotterdam apart as a location. The city is at the centre of Europe’s Energy Transition, with its world-leading smart port and an energy intensive economy with strong logistical, chemical and other industry clusters. Rotterdam is about innovation, collaboration and getting things done. The officials see the city as a real-life testing ground for important transitions, including ‘making even more sustainable its own urban and highly industrialised environment’. Many innovations come to life in Rotterdam and then they find their way around the world.

Person sat on a bench looking out towards the Erasmusburg and river


  • Rotterdam is a Lonely Planet MUST-SEE city
  • The city boasts a bustling mix of innovative architecture, lively festivals and challenging art and culture
  • With its 10th biggest port in the world and an extensive distribution system including rail, road and waterway access through the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt, the city is easily accessible; famously nicknamed as the Gateway to Europe
  • The city is home to more than 170 nationalities and about half of the residents have at least one parent that was born outside of the Netherlands
  • The Erasmus bridge, which got its name from philosopher Erasmus, a Rotterdam native, can hold up to 10,000 people on deck at the same time
  • The Erasmus bridge weight is equivalent to 1,700 adult elephants (approximately 6,800 tons)
  • Rotterdam is full of innovative architecture, some of the most known buildings are the 38 cube-houses
  • The Markthal, an iconic building in Rotterdam, has the largest artwork seen in the world
  • The city is the only one in the Netherlands that has a skyline


Rotterdam Ahoy is situated in the up-and-coming ‘Heart of South’ area. This venue is easily reached, whether you’re travelling by public transport, bicycle or car.

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Rotterdam’s strategic location in Western Europe makes it an easily accessible city, with an excellent range of hotels to match your accommodation needs to your budget.

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