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Exclusive technical site visits

Welcome to an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the heart of one of the world’s most crucial energy hubs! As the 26th World Energy Congress unfolds, we are thrilled to offer exclusive technical site visits to the Port and City of Rotterdam, an emblem of innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

Embark on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets maritime excellence, as we explore the intricate operations and groundbreaking initiatives shaping the future of global energy. Join us to witness firsthand the synergy between tradition and innovation, and discover how the City of Rotterdam continues to redefine the boundaries of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Please note that on signing up for any tour your contact information will be shared with the tour operator.

Deadline to register and pay is Friday 19th – midday CEST.

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Port of Rotterdam Energy Transition Tours

Sunday 21 April

Pre-registration required: €75 per person

See the latest developments regarding the energy transition in the port and industrial cluster of Rotterdam with your own eyes! Shell, Rabobank, PWC and the Port of Rotterdam organize a combined boat and bus tour through the 42 km long port area. This Energy Transition Tour will take you to the sites where the transition is taking place right now: CCS, electrolysers, monopiles, bio-refineries, tank terminals for ammonia etc. You’ll get to see them first hand, hear more about the financial aspect and networking on the way!

Some 7 years ago the Port of Rotterdam started the journey to bring the port and industrial complex in line with the Paris Climate Treaty and the European ambition to reduce CO2-emissions with 55% by 2030. The Port of Rotterdam set up a program to help the existing industries to reduce emissions as well as attracting new investments and businesses. The program consists of four pillars: 1) constructing infrastructure for a new energy system, 2) constructing a new energy system, 3) creating a new raw materials and fuel system, 4) making transport sustainable.

Within the framework of this program, the Port of Rotterdam Authority joins forces with private enterprises as well as public authorities to realize concrete projects. At this moment there are over 70 projects in the port area in which the Port Authority plays an active role. These are projects like carbon capture and storage (2.5 Mton per year, under construction), an open access pipeline for green hydrogen (under construction), tank terminal capacity for hydrogen carriers like ammonia, cracking facilities for ammonia, a dedicated site for electroysers (where the first 200 MW electrolysis plant from Shell is under construction), realizing inland barges sailing on electricity, shore power etc.

Shell, PWC, Rabobank and Port of Rotterdam guides will share their knowledge with you on this round trip that consists of a 3-hour boat tour combined with a 1-hour bus tour.

Terms and Conditions

Tickets are non-refundable, unfortunately if you miss the departure time no refund is due.

Photos Port of Rotterdam Energy Transition Tours by Paul Martens

Tour 1

  • Check-in time 10:30 Quay next to Hotel New York Antoine Platekade 1013, 3072 ME Rotterdam
  • Departure time 11:00
  • End time 16:00

The tour will depart at 11.00 from the quay next to Hotel New York on the Grace Kelly boat. After a safety briefing, tea coffee is served. Lunch will be served at 13.00 on the Grace Kelly. After a tour of the Port on the boat you will moor at 14.30 at Futureland quay. There will be a return bus tour taking in other sites and you will return to Hotel New York by 16.00 by bus.

Tour 2

  • Check-in time 13:00 The World Port Center,  Wilhelminakade 901, next to Hotel New York
  • Departure time 13:30
  • End time 18:00

The tour will depart at 13:30 from The World Port Center by bus. After a bus tour taking in sites you will depart from Futureland Quay on the Grace Kelly boat at 15:00. After a safety briefing, refreshments will be served. You will return to the Hotel New York by 18:00.

Tour of Pendrecht

Tuesday 23 April

Pre-registration required: Free

  • Option 1
  • Check-in time 09:45 Meeting point is at registration desk in the Arena
  • Departure 10:00 by coach from Ahoy
  • Back at Ahoy: 11:00


  • Option 2
  • Check-in time 10:45 Meeting point is at registration desk in the Arena
  • Departure 11:00 by coach from Ahoy
  • Back at Ahoy: 12:00

In the Netherlands this neighbourhood approach for implementing heating systems is rather new.  Pendrecht district is one of the first neighbourhoods where this approach on energy transition takes place with citizens involved. Programme manager Nicolien Wirschell, Urban Development Department Municipality of Rotterdam, will explain how she includes and entices the stakeholders in this district to work along.

Tour of Bospolder - Tussendijken

Tuesday 23 April

Pre-registration required: Free (please travel to Rotterdam Central Station which can be reached by public transport)

  • Check-in time 09:45 at Rotterdam Central Station
  • Departure 10:00 by coach from Rotterdam Central Station
  • Back at Ahoy: 12:15

Rotterdam is redesigning energy for people and planet together with the residents, but how? Find out and join the guided walking tour through the heart of the district. You will be guided by the civil servant who is in charge of the community dialogue within this neighborhood. She aims to add to the transformation of this neighborhood into an area where a heating system will be implemented with her focus on synergy between social and technical aspects.

Tour of the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

Tuesday 23 April

Pre-registration required: Free

  • Check-in time 13:45, meeting point is room Dock 12 at Ahoy
  • Length: 14:00 to 15:30

Ahoy Ruggedized Horizon 2020 walking tour – learn all about the journey of implementing renewable energy solutions and ending with new smart ways of working in City ecosystem towards a common goal.

"I’m honoured to be joining so many visionary female leaders at the 26th World Energy Congress as we come together from all regions and industries to build a brighter future for people and the planet."

Sara Akbar

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Oilserv Kuwait

"We know that net zero is not enough and at ACCIONA we have a planet-positive strategy and the provision of renewable energy is at the heart of regeneration. It's a privilege to be part of the 26th World Energy Congress and its vision to redesign energy for people and the planet."

Rafael Mateo

Chief Executive Officer, ACCIONA Energía

"At Qcells, we are committed to delivering clean energy worldwide through our cutting-edge solar technology. I look forward to bringing the voice of solar and storage and our perspective on how to grow this promising industry to the 2024 World Energy Congress."

Dr Danielle Merfeld

EVP and Global Chief Technology Officer at Qcells

"As a proud Patron of the World Energy Council, I’m delighted to be part of the next World Energy Congress as together we harness our collective experience and solutions to build a net zero energy future."

Luc Remont

Chairman & CEO, Electricité de France (EDF)

"A just transition, for Africa, will not be possible without access to sustainable finance, the pursuit of economic development goals and the empowerment of women. The 2024 World Energy Congress will be a unique opportunity to accelerate energy transitions in Africa and beyond."

Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani

Chief Commercial Officer, Mixta Africa (ARM Group)