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Building Tomorrow’s Energy System

At this theatre, Europe’s energy and raw materials transition is explored through three streams: Port & Industry, Innovation & Science, and People & City. In the exhibition hall, attendees can expect showcases highlighting pioneering energy developments in the North Sea region, Rotterdam’s transition to a circular economy, and initiatives fostering inclusive growth and sustainable innovation. Through collaborations among industries, SMEs, NGOs, governments, start-ups, scale-ups, universities, and policymakers, Rotterdam aims to create solutions for a sustainable future.

In Rotterdam, a vibrant hub of innovation and energy, stakeholders collaborate closely to tackle global climate and economic challenges. Through dynamic networks, diverse stakeholders along the value chain are committed to groundbreaking energy solutions, environmental stewardship, and climate justice. The region serves as a pioneer in renewable energy, with cooperation between industries, education, and government setting an example for the world. Visit the sessions at theatre to learn, inspire, and foster global exchange towards a sustainable energy future.

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The European investment climate for fast growing tech ventures, with impact for a better planet

Join us for a crucial discussion on the future of the European investment landscape for fast growing tech ventures in the energy domain! What is needed to improve the investment climate and how can Europe establish it’s leadership in the energy tech domain?  Get inspired by the insights of this panel and discover how your involvement can shape the future of sustainable innovation. Don’t miss out!

Speakers: Ann Mettler, Breakthrough Energy Europe, Vice President, Robert de Groot, European Investment Bank, Vice President, Rinke Zonneveld, Invest NL, CEO, Liza Rubinstein, Carbon Equity, Co-Founder, Serge Collé, EY, Global Energy & Resource lead

Company Name: Platform Zero

Global leading scaleups in climate tech

What is the link between Leonardo DiCaprio and disruptive energy technology? In this session you will hear from two fast growing tech ventures, where one just secured an investment by Mr. DiCaprio, how they want to contribute to the green energy transition.

Speakers: Wouter Draijer, Solarmente, CEO, Kennard Brandenburgh, Distro Energy, CEO

Company Name: Platform Zero

Lessons learned: 7 years of energy transition, 70 projects

Some 7 years ago the Port of Rotterdam started the journey to bring the port and industrial complex in line with the Paris Climate Treaty and the European ambition to reduce CO2-emissions with 55% by 2030.
The Port of Rotterdam set up a program to help the existing industries to reduce emissions as well as attracting new investments and businesses. The program consists of four pillars: 1) constructing infrastructure for a new energy system, 2) constructing a new energy system, 3) creating a new raw materials and fuel system, 4) making transport sustainable.

Within the framework of this programme, the Port of Rotterdam Authority joins forces with private enterprises as well as public authorities to realize concrete projects. At this moment there are over 70 projects in the port area in which the Port Authority plays an active role. These are projects like carbon capture and storage (2.5 Mton per year, under construction), an open access pipeline for green hydrogen (under construction), tank terminal capacity for hydrogen carriers like ammonia, cracking facilities for ammonia, a dedicated site for electrolysers (where a first 200 MW electrolysis plant is under construction), realizing inland barges sailing on electricity, setting up a Green Corridor for container shipping between Singapore and Rotterdam etc.

With 7 years of experience in all kinds of projects, with many different partners and stakeholders, Port of Rotterdam’s director of New Business Nico van Dooren has a huge experience in energy transition projects.
He’ll make the audience part of his journey, elaborating on his lessons learned, successes and challenges.

Speakers: Nico van Dooren, Director New Business Development and Portfolio

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam

CCS: How the European industry can decarbonize while working on sustainable solutions

Capturing and storing CO₂ (Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)) is an important technique to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere in relatively short time. CCS is mentioned by the IPCC and the IEA as temporarily necessary to enable the development of new, affordable sustainable solutions in the industry. Depleted offshore gas fields under the North Sea offer great opportunities. Porthos, the first large CCS-project in the EU, is being build right now and will start the storage of 2,5 Mton CO2 annually from 2026 on. How will CCS in Europe develop further? What infrastructure, regulation and certification are needed to create a mature CCS-market and what role is foreseen for private and public parties? Jeroen Steens is member of the steering board of Porthos and Director Commercial Delivery Port of Rotterdam will elaborate on these issues and share insights on further projects that are foreseen. Dorus Bakker is CFO of Porthos and he will dive into lessons learned during the development of Porthos, like permitting and the cooperation with the industrial customers.

Speakers: Jeroen Steens, Director Commercial Delivery, Dorus Bakker, CFO

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam and Porthos

Achieving Climate Targets with SMEs and Business Parks

SME’s are adjusting their business operations towards a sustainable and circular economy. How are these businesses developing B2B solutions and shared services on energy, mobility, and circularity? The session will highlight the various challenges and showcases various approaches, instruments and collaborations that recently have developed like f.e. energy and mobility hubs.

Speakers: Jan Willem Vogels (Sustainable Business Manager Energietransitie, Rabobank), Edwin Markus (Bedrijfsambassadeur Provincie Zuid Holland, Park Manager Bedrijventerrein Schiebroek), Werner Boom (Enertrans)

Company Name: City of Rotterdam

The North Sea Powerhouse. Struggle between nature inclusiveness and offshore development?

  • The North Sea will be the new Powerhouse of Europe.
  • Can nature inclusiveness and making profit go hand in hand?
  • Best practices will be shared. How can we shape the ideal policy framework?

Speakers: Richard Gort. Director Offshore TenneT, Jonas van Mansfeld. CFO Offshore Wind Vattenfall, Nina Vielen-Kallio. Lead of circularity ECHT, Marjolein Kelder, Project lead De Rijke Noordzee, Moderator: Loes Claassen

Company Name: Vattenfall and Tennet

PoR x Platform Zero: Corporate and startup collaboration session on “Smart Grid Energy Systems

Unlock the synergy between startups and corporates – it’s a relationship of mutual benefit and the essence of this session. Explore how startups can offer innovative solutions to tackle one of the Netherlands’ most pressing challenges: industrial electrification and grid congestion. Join us as we navigate this dynamic interplay and discover the transformative potential for all involved.

Speakers: Port of Rotterdam, bp, Eneco, Stedin, Mourik

Company Name: Platform Zero

Global leading climate scaleups and the investment climate

Dive into the forefront of global climate innovation with influential voices at our upcoming session! Co-hosted by the esteemed Jacqueline van den Ende, CEO of Carbon Equity and a prominent figure in Dutch climate investment circles, this event promises deep insights into the leading climate-tech scaleups. Join Jacqueline and a lineup of visionary leaders as they share their strategies for success. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to engage with industry trailblazers and explore the future of sustainable investment.

Speakers: Jacqueline van den Ende, Carbon Equity, CEO, Sven Przywarra, Live-EO, CEO, Sidhant Gupta, Clearbot, CEO, Heike Carl Zatterstrom, Boson Energy, Chief Communications Officer, Mark Meldrum, Rondo Energy, Head of Europe

Company Name: Platform Zero

Unlocking Insights from Rotterdam, Europe’s Largest Biofuels Cluster

Join our panel discussion with leading actors from the biofuels value chain. Rotterdam, Europe’s largest biofuels hub, plays a crucial role in trade, storage, and production of biofuels dringes significant decarbonization efforts in Europe’s transport sector. Learn from industry leaders shaping this dynamic cluster during an insightful discussion about the role of biofuels, the impact of regulations and feedstock availability. 

Speakers: Maud Eijgendaal, Program Manager Renewable Fuels & Chemicals, Port of Rotterdam, Sven Kuhlmann, Senior VP Renewables Production Neste, Robine Koning, plantmanager ALCO energy Rotterdam, Tamme Mekkes, Business Development Director Koole Terminals, Rob Goeliker, Manager Director Viterra

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam

How to transform from fossil to biobased feedstocks and supply chains

Rotterdam is the biggest dry bulk port in Europe. Due to its ideal location and its unparalleled depth, even the largest dry bulk carriers can be accommodated by the port of Rotterdam without any impediments such as locks or tides. Furthermore, Rotterdam offers a broad selection of service providers, terminals and ship-to-ship facilities. These USP’s brought Rotterdam in the position of market share leader on all different dry bulk segments in NW-Europe: iron ore, scrap, coal, agri, minerals and building materials. Serving all types of industry’s and energy producers in the port and our hinterland.

 It cannot be denied that Rotterdam gained quite a strong position in coal volumes over the previous decades. Almost a third of all dry bulk cargo consist out of coal: energy coal and coking coal. A position that will expire since fossil products need to be phased-out to meet our climate goals.

However, our uniqe position, knowledge and infrastructure on dry bulk will not disappear. In fact, these 420 hectares and ability to handle 80 million plus tonnes on a yearly base are valuable resources. Rotterdam is eager to supply the futures industry en energy sector. As a result of the raw material transition, we see a positive outlook for Rotterdam. Waste and Biomass can be used as sustainable feedstock instead in fuels and chemical production. Both sizable sectors which perfectly can be supplied via our proven infrastructure.

For the Chemical industry in particular this wil also be of great importance. Biomass, a renewable resource, will play a significant role in the industry’s raw material flow, particularly carbon, making it more sustainable. This transition is not just limited to the production of chemicals but extends to biofuels as well, presenting a dual pathway for biomass utilization.

Uniper Benelux, a key player in this arena, offers valuable insights into these latest developments. The feedstock transition is not a distant future but an imminent reality, and its implications will be of paramount importance in the years to come. Let’s embrace this change for a sustainable future.

Speakers: Aranka van Strien, Business Manager Dry Bulk, Patrick Nanninga, Business Development Executive

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam and Uniper benelux

The challenges of creating sustainable neighbourhoods

How to achieve an affordable and inclusive energy transition in the build environment and engage with all the various stakeholders? The session will highlight the various challenges and showcases various approaches, instruments and collaborations that recently have developed toward this overcoming them.

Speakers: Cindy Kroon, lid van de Raad van Bestuur en CCO Vattenfall, Yuri van Bergen, CEO Bouwhulp, Judith Cok, Directeur Coöperatieve Rabobank Kring Zuid-Holland

Company Name: City of Rotterdam

Advancing H2 production & transport

  • The Netherlands; a promising gateway for hydrogen in Europe.
  • Gasunie is creating a national hydrogen network in the Netherlands that will link the demand for and supply of hydrogen.
  • Construction of the network has started in Rotterdam.
  • In Rotterdam Uniper is realising its flagship hydrogen project at the Maasvlakte.
  • An inside look at these promising projects. What will it take to bring these projects to success?

Speakers: Joost ten Hoonte, Business, Wouter van Betuw, Business developer hydrogen

Company Name: Uniper Benelux and Gasunie

The Future Smart Energy System in the Rotterdam Port Industrial Cluster

Energy is no longer a given in this day and age. And on top of that, the energy system is subject to an incredible overhaul moving from fossil to renewable. The Port of Rotterdam takes on a role to orchestrate the future energy system across various utilities and raw materials. Join us to hear from our Future Energy leader Douwe van der Stroom on how he is building on a digitally enabled future proof energy system together with system operators for its industrial customers that is sustainable, affordable and reliable.

Speakers: Douwe van der Stroom, Port of Rotterdam and Future Energy Leader

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Europe’s Hydrogen Hub

The hydrogen economy is developing faster and faster around the globe. Just 4 years ago the Port of Rotterdam published its first hydrogen vision as an essential part of the New Energy System program for decarbonizing the Port of Rotterdam’s energy flows. The Port of Rotterdam concluded that hydrogen is an indispensable and therefore a very important element in decarbonization pathways for reaching the Paris Agreement. Collaborations around the globe have been set up and ideas turn into reality. Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw, Senior Energy Transition Specialist at RaboResearch will explain why Europe will become one of the largest markets for clean hydrogen and why she expects substantial clean hydrogen trade flows to emerge in the coming decades. Thereafter, Randolf Weterings, program manager New Energy System for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, will take you through the past 4 years and gives you a glimpse into where we stand in Rotterdam. 4 years later, where are we? Was it just ideas or are we realizing it? Finally, TOPSOE’s Product Line Director for Ammonia, Maninder Singh, will discuss the versatility of ammonia and prospects for ammonia cracking in Rotterdam.

Speakers: Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw, Senior Energy Transition Specialist at RaboResearch, Randolf Weterings, Program Manager New Energy System, Maninder Singh, Product Line Director for Ammonia

Company Name: Rabobank, Port of Rotterdam and TOPSOE

Electrification of Industry: Opportunities and challenges

The common panel debate “Electrification of Industry: Opportunities and challenges” organized by Uniper and TenneT will address the necessary policy framework, challenges faced by the industry and grid operators to enable the transformation of the industry in due time while keeping a close eye on affordability on the industrial transition. The session will be followed by a small network drinks.  

How do we provide the right incentives to ensure that the transition of the industry to achieve the climate goals in due time? Grid infrastructure as a prerequisite for a successful decarbonization but how to ensure a timely expansion in order to mirror the demand? Which political and financial support is needed to provide the right incentive for the transition of the industry? How to ensure a stable political framework to foster competitiveness? Commitment needed by the industry to decarbonize and to incorporate all the renewable energy generated from the North Sea Powerhouse into their production process. How do we ensure the optimal balance between affordability, transition and security of supply.

Speakers: TV presenter Sofie van den Enk, Andre Bosman, Managing Director Uniper Benelux, Hans Grünfeld, Director Royal VEMW: Association of non-domestic energy and water consumers, Olof van der Gaag, Director NVDE Dutch renewable energy association, Jan-Paul Dijckman, Director TenneT

Company Name: TenneT, Royal VEMW, NVDE and Uniper Benelux

Pub Quiz Energiser Based on the Energy Transition Infographic

Join EBN and the Future Energy Leaders of the Netherlands for an energising Pub Quiz! Test your knowledge of the energy system in an interactive and fun session. Enjoy drinks, networking, and sharpen your insights on key energy issues. Let’s power up the end of the conference day together!

Speakers: Barthold Schroot, Strategic Advisor Energy Transition, EBN, Silke van Klaveren, Advisor Sustainable Gases, EBN, Joep Sanderink, FEL , Damilola Adeyanju, FEL, Akhilesh Goveas, FEL

Company Name: Future Energy Leaders and EBN

What are the challenges in building a lithium value chain and what role do value chain partners play in this?

In this panel discussion answers will be given to the questions about the lithium value chain: importing, refining, recycling and logistic excellence. For example: what is the value chain? What challenges are involved in building this chain?

Speakers: Moderator: Monique de Moel, New Business Manager Port of Rotterdam, Nivar Fuchs, General Manager TES Sustainable Battery Solutions, Fedor van der Post, Managing Director, head of battery materials and asset development WMC, Joost Nuijten, Team Lead Critical Raw Materials & Circular Economy, Ministery Economic Affairs & Climate, Dirk van Asseldonk, Program Manager Battery Competence Cluster NL, Coert van Lare, Director Innovation Program Renewable and Circular Nobian

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam

The Dutch hydrogen gateway: in a unique position for hydrogen storage

In the future energy system, underground hydrogen storage in caverns and depleted gasfields plays an essential role in securing flexibility and a consistent energy supply for Europe. In this session state owned companies Gasunie and Energie Beheer Nederland share their vision on the importance and potential of UHS for the energysystem and the latest developments, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Speakers: Frits van de Velde, Manager Business Development Hydrogen Storage, Gasunie, Annemiek Asschert, Manager New Energies & Innovation, EBN

Company Name: Gasunie and EBN

Global leading Climate Tech Scale-ups

Embark on a journey into the forefront of climate technology innovation with our session on Global Leading Climate Tech Scale-ups! Join us as we bring together this group of scaleups that truely are the most impactful energy tech companies in the world. Featuring expert insights from Climeworks, Energy Dome, Enapter, and SolarDuck, this event is your gateway to understanding the cutting-edge solutions shaping our planet’s future.

Speakers: Climeworks, David Zorn, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Energy Dome, Paul Smith, Senior Vice President Global Sales, Enapter, Tim Cholibois, Vice President Strategic & Business Development, SolarDuck, Koen Burgers, CEO

Company Name: Platform Zero

Electrification of mobility and the energy system: opportunities and challenges

The speed in which the electrification of mobility has to take place to achieve our climate goals, results in multiple challenges and chances for cities and their stakeholders; grid congestion slows down the rapid deployment of electric charging for vehicles but at the same time can function as batteries to prevent it (vehicle 2 grid). This session focuses on the increasing interlink between realising a sustainable and resilient smart energy system and the future of mobility systems in cities. It will present an overview of the current trends, showcases successful examples of combining mobility and energy challenges, and discuss the current and future challenges to tackle.

Speakers: Pablo Ruiz (Senior Energy Transition Specialist at RaboResearch), Marisca Zweistra (Project Manager Smart Charging at ElaadNL), Jacco van der Burg (Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Last Mile Solutions), Lutske Lindeman (Strategic Advisor Energy Transition and Mobility)

Company Name: City of Rotterdam

Sustainable transport – Working together with the port ecosystem to accelerate the fuel switch in transport e.g. the Green Corridor between Rotterdam and Singapore

Singapore and Rotterdam are among the largest bunkering ports in the world, making them vital links on the Asian-European shipping lanes. While international shipping currently uses largely marine gas oil (MGO) and low-sulphur fuel oil, sustainable alternatives such as biofuels, including biogases, are increasingly being made available. Other alternatives such as synthetic methane, hydrogen, and hydrogen-based fuels including ammonia and methanol are in various stages of R&D for future trials and deployment. Each alternative fuel has its own challenges relating to costs, availability, safety, and restrictions in range due to lower energy density compared to fossil fuels. To tackle these challenges, the two port authorities agreed to bring together a broad coalition of shippers, fuel suppliers and other companies to collectively work on potential solutions.

Speakers: Refke Gunnewijk, Head of Clean Industry and Transport

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam

The North Sea in Transition to a low carbon powerhouse for Northwest Europe

The North is in a strong transition from a mature oil and gas production region towards a renewable energy powerhouse for Northwest Europe. Offshore wind is exponentially growing and in total 300 GW of offshore wind is planned in the North Sea. Several countries are developing CO2 storage projects and innovative concepts such as offshore electrolysis, platform electrification from offshore wind, floating solar and offshore energy storage are under development and pilots are planned. What is the current and future perspective of the role of the North Sea as a future powerhouse for clean energy for Europe and what are the ambitions of the large oil and gas producer in the Dutch sector, ENI Neptune Energy in that future perspective. With more information about proposed demonstration projects on offshore hydrogen PosHYdon and CO2 storage project Noordkaap.

Speakers: René Peters, North Sea Energy program, Lex de Groot, Managing Director of ENI Neptune Energy, Randolf Weterings, Port of Rotterdam, Nicolien Vrisou van Eck, EBN

Company Name: TNO

Building a future-proof digital energy system powered by data and AI – training & educating future leaders

This session discusses the role data and AI have as crucial enablers for creating a future-proof energy system. The new energy system runs primarily on renewable energy sources, includes consumers as active participants, and continuously matches energy supply and demand based on data and AI. What does this new world of digital energy management require in terms of skills from our students i.e. future leaders? Where do we see the biggest bottlenecks in realizing such a future-proof energy system, and what knowledge and skills are required to tackle these challenges? How can we create synergies by connecting students with a technical background with students from applied sciences and students that bring a social science perspective (business-economic-social-legal)?

Speakers: Marcel van Oosterhout, Erasmus University Rotterdam Deputy Executive Director at Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics | co-lead at Erasmus Centre for Energy Transition, Pejman Shoeibi Omrani - TNO Senior Scientist at TNO Energy and Material Transition | Digital Officer, SPE Netherlands, Malou Kroezen - Erasmus University Rotterdam Director Education at Erasmus Centre for Energy Transition, Simon Tindemans - TU Delft Assistant Professor for Uncertainty Risk Management in Flexible Energy Systems, Douwe van der Stroom - Port of Rotterdam Head Smart Energy & Industry, Future Energy Leader

Company Name: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, Erasmus Centre for Energy Transition, Delft University of Technology, TNO, Port of Rotterdam

Empowerment of citizens voice in the energy transition

Representatives of the Dutch national, regional and municipal governments discuss the importance of involving citizens in the decision making process of climate policy. They will showcase the tools and means by which the different governments in the Netherlands empower citizens to decide on the future of energy.

Speakers: Chantal Zeegers, Vice Mayor for Climate, Construction and Housing, Berend Potjer, Regional Minister of South-Holland

Company Name: City of Rotterdam

The crucial role of Offshore Wind in creating a new green sustainable energy supply

A session by NWEA on the current developments in Europe on Offshore Wind based with a specific focus on regional cooperation such as The North Seas Energy Cooperation.

How does international collaboration stimulate achieving European targets whilst considering important non-pricing criteria such as ecology, achievability, system integration, standardisation, etc. and how does this relate to other sources of energy needed to advance the energy transition? 

Speakers: Jan Vos - NWEA

Company Name: NWEA

Orchestrating Innovation: Collaborating with Public and Private Partners for a Sustainable Energy Transition

Join us at the 26th World Energy Congress as we delve into the world of Orchestrating Innovation. Discover the power of collaboration with public and private partners in driving the energy transition towards a sustainable future. Hear from industry experts as they share their experiences, challenges, and valuable lessons in creating successful public-private partnerships. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation shaping the future of energy for people and planet. Join us and be a part of redefining the energy landscape for a better tomorrow.

Speakers: Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers, Professor Innovation Excellence & Entrepreneurship, Frank Berkers - Professor Business for Societal Transition at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Senior Scientist at TNO

Company Name: Erasmus University Rotterdam, TNO and Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship

The energy professional in transition

The Future Energy Leaders (FEL) of the World Energy Congres discuss the prospects of working as a young professional in the energysector and related Industry, while it is transitioning from fossile towards sustainable. The session facilitates a discussion between young professionals about the changes in the sector, their personal views, hopes and responsibility in a (geo)political heated transition, while also highlighting the prospects and excitement to be part of this transition. Besides the Future Energy Leaders, speakers include Jacqueline Chinwe Stephen (BP, Global Energy Leader) and Sybren Bosch (sr. consultant Copper8).

Speakers: Rik van der Vossen (Future Energy Leaders), Elisabeth Brezowski (Future Energy Leaders), Jacqueline Chinwe Stephen (BP, also Global Energy Leader)

Company Name: City of Rotterdam

Let the money flow: financing energy transition

Climate financing took centre stage at COP28, with new trends and innovations in sustainable finance emerging to enable orderly transitions away from fossil fuels towards climate-neutral energy systems at both speed and scale. The energy transition brings across a major financing challenge, estimated at EUR 3.0 trillion per year (source: ETC).

How can we scale existing financial models and remove obstacles to facilitate the direction of capital flows towards the energy transition? In the presentation, we discuss the different pillars of the energy transition, including the capital investment required and Rabobank’s thoughts on financing these pillars. What solutions can be offered by Rabobank to unlock access to the large-scale finance required? And where are new financial solutions required?

Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. Together with our stakeholders, we have been dedicated to creating a future-proof society and tackling major societal challenges for 125 years. In the Netherlands, we serve retail and corporate customers; globally we focus on the Food & Agriculture sector. For over 20 years we have been financing renewable energy and we will further increase our efforts to avoid and reduce emissions in sectors where we have a significant position: energy generation and infrastructure, industries, commercial and residential estate, and transport.

Speakers: Bas Bakker, Managing Director, Sector Head Energy Transition & Circularity Europe, Erik van Veen, Executive Director, Banking 4 Energy Transition

Company Name: Rabobank

College Tour with Boudewijn Siemons and students EUR/TU Delft

Recently appointed as CEO of the Port of Rotterdam, Boudewijn Siemons, stands at the helm of the largest port in Europe. During this year’s World Energy Congress in Rotterdam you get the unique chance to ask him your burning questions in a College Tour setting. Curious about his view on transitioning a fossil fuel based cluster to a carbon neutral green economy? How he balances stakeholders from local boatmen, climate activists to global CEOs and prime-ministers around the world? Or about his career trajectory starting in the Royal Dutch Navy, inclusive leadership secrets, and what effect the current geopolitical tensions have on the port’s future?

Speakers: Moderator: Douwe van der Stroom, Future Energy Leader of the Netherlands, Boudewijn Siemons, CEO Port of Rotterdam

Company Name: Port of Rotterdam

Accelerating European/Dutch innovation in climate & Energy Tech

Join us for a dynamic panel session featuring Dutch industry leaders as we explore the essential strategies required to enhance innovation and foster a thriving startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. Gain insights into key initiatives, challenges, and opportunities shaping the country’s energy landscape and discover actionable steps to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector.

Speakers: Thorizon, Kiki Lauwers, CEO, RoyalIHC, Derk te Bokkel, CEO, Port of Rotterdam, Nico van Dooren, Director New Business Development, EY, Thierry Mortier, Global Energy, Digital & Innovation Lead, Thaddeus Anim-Somuah, Future Energy Leaders & Philips, Board Member & Global Sustainability Sr Manager

Company Name: Platform Zero

"I’m honoured to be joining so many visionary female leaders at the 26th World Energy Congress as we come together from all regions and industries to build a brighter future for people and the planet."

Sara Akbar

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Oilserv Kuwait

"We know that net zero is not enough and at ACCIONA we have a planet-positive strategy and the provision of renewable energy is at the heart of regeneration. It's a privilege to be part of the 26th World Energy Congress and its vision to redesign energy for people and the planet."

Rafael Mateo

Chief Executive Officer, ACCIONA Energía

"At Qcells, we are committed to delivering clean energy worldwide through our cutting-edge solar technology. I look forward to bringing the voice of solar and storage and our perspective on how to grow this promising industry to the 2024 World Energy Congress."

Dr Danielle Merfeld

EVP and Global Chief Technology Officer at Qcells

"As a proud Patron of the World Energy Council, I’m delighted to be part of the next World Energy Congress as together we harness our collective experience and solutions to build a net zero energy future."

Luc Remont

Chairman & CEO, Electricité de France (EDF)

"A just transition, for Africa, will not be possible without access to sustainable finance, the pursuit of economic development goals and the empowerment of women. The 2024 World Energy Congress will be a unique opportunity to accelerate energy transitions in Africa and beyond."

Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani

Chief Commercial Officer, Mixta Africa (ARM Group)