Battolyser: innovative technology combines electricity storage and hydrogen production in a single system

Diederick Nierstrasz posing at M4H, the location of Battolyser’s future new production facility. Photo by Rotterdam Partners.

Battolyser’s unique technology combines short-term energy storage and production of hydrogen in a single integrated battery system. The company is building a new production plant in Rotterdam’s M4H district.

The greater Rotterdam region is full of innovative start-up and scale-up companies who actively contribute to the energy transition. One such company is Battolyser Systems. This scale-up company is developing its unique technology involving electricity storage and hydrogen production in one integrated battery solution. In order to scale up, the company is planning to set up a new production facility at the Rotterdam Makers District, more specifically the Merwe-Vierhavens area (M4H), a former industrial port area that is full of character, close to the city centre.

The choice of Rotterdam as the location for this new plant is a very deliberate one. Diederick Nierstrasz, Operations Manager at Battolyser:

“We need to stay close to a large city like Rotterdam. Here, we find the educational institutions and talent we need to further develop our solution. Some of our clients are also based in and around Rotterdam. Mostly large companies that own renewable assets (offshore wind in Northwest Europe) and deliver power to the grid. These companies can really benefit from our solution. Thirdly, Rotterdam is quickly developing a new hydrogen supply chain. These elements are all crucial to the success of our enterprise.”


Artist’s rendering of the new Battolyser new plant, to be constructed in the M4H district (image by Kraaijvanger Architects).

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