Air Products boosts Rotterdam’s energy transition

Photo: Paul Hoogeveen, director Tonnage & Gas at Air Products. Photo by Air Products.

The energy transition in Rotterdam is in full swing. Recently, Air Products announced the build of a second hydrogen liquefaction plant in Rotterdam’s Botlek area, boosting Rotterdam’s and Europe’s energy transition efforts by doubling the current liquid hydrogen capacity.

The energy transition in Rotterdam is in full swing. Companies, research and knowledge institutes and governmental bodies in Rotterdam actively collaborate in developing new solutions and technologies to push the energy transition forward. Hydrogen is pivotal to these collective efforts. Air Products is a leading industrial gases company with more than 80 years of experience. The company designs, builds, owns and operates large projects around the world, including blue and green hydrogen production projects. As industrial gas company, Air Products is heavily involved with the energy transition. In September 2022, Air Products announced a second hydrogen liquefaction plant to be constructed in Rotterdam’s Botlek area, an industrial cluster within Rotterdam’s port area with a conglomerate of large industrial companies and logistics operations.

Paul Hoogeveen, director Tonnage & Gas at Air Products about expanding operations in Rotterdam:

“Rotterdam is Europe’s largest energy transit port with a high demand for hydrogen and the ambition to become Europe’s hydrogen hub. Moreover, the port area and its industry have an ambitious sustainability strategy with commitment to hydrogen production, transport infrastructure, import and applications in industry and transport. We keep investing in Rotterdam, contributing to the port’s energy transition.”


Photo: Air Products bulk trailer and separation unit. Photo: Air Products

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