The key role of local leaders in the future energy systems

Over the past century, energy systems have become increasingly large and complex. In this development, many features must be considered as there is no single solution that fits all. These features include technological, socio-economic, cultural, and geographical considerations, and it is this multidimensional scenario the one that must be taken into account when determining the suitability of the chosen strategy.

My experience at Energía sin Fronteras (Energy without Borders) has taught me that bringing energy everywhere is not the biggest challenge; rather, maintaining a consistent supply over time is. In every project I worked on, we had an expert team, financing, equipment, and willingness, but our focus on project sustainability was the key to our success. Understanding the context of the end-users allowed us to implement the correct strategy to ensure long-lasting facilities, and for this reason, it is important to consider a bottom-up approach by identifying local leaders who know the key issues to prioritize within their regions. Only after considering local needs can we scale up to a higher level, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and risks to develop impactful strategies.

These local leaders will be the eyes and ears of global decision-makers, making the Future Energy Leaders programme critical in the future energy system. It will act as an early promoter of the decisions to be taken, and integration within teams, communities, and organizations is necessary to effectively coordinate the execution plan. Strategic management bodies must collaborate to create a pathway towards a more humanized energy system.

With those in mind, local energy leaders will join key stakeholders from the energy sector in the upcoming April on the 26th World Energy Congress to be part of the discussion on Redesigning Energy for People and Planet. From long-term envisioning to short-term execution plans, they will gather to shape the future. It is everyone’s responsibility to stand up for the transition, so don’t miss the opportunity to speak up for what is your right and duty.

Eduardo Fernández

Congress Future Energy Leader, World Energy Council 

Process & Differentiation engineer, Repsol