Let’s go further, faster, and fairer

Where and how should we start to launch a fair and reliable energy transition?

In a context of both uncertainties and regulatory tantrum related to market design and more recently green hydrogen, this question might sound overplayed and yet unsolvable. Therefore, that is exactly why we wanted to tackle it. Because, why not?

On February 9, we had the great honour to welcome at the PwC premises in Paris in partnership with the French member committee of the World Energy Council, an event dedicated to French, European and Global Future Energy Leaders. This event was the first of a series coordinated by the French Young Energy Professional (YEP). 

Two key topics have been picked for the discussion: the evolution of uses to accelerate the energy transition and the key actors to mobilize. This event allowed us to exchange, think and bring a fresh look on solutions to develop such as a shift in mindset more than new uses and challenges to overcome such as more transparency among actors to succeed in a fair, reliable and just energy transition.

Selected insights from the afternoon:

  • A mindset shift and of habits will occur if everyone is onboard: educating and co-building the path locally and globally for the energy transition is crucial
  • New business models e.g circular economy and picking the right technology for the right uses would allow to responsible innovation while encouraging emerging actors to sit at the table
  • Both long term planning and investment in green infrastructures are essential to support the energy transition (70% of energy investment is currently in fossil fuels)
  • Strong leadership is required to stimulate decarbonation together with more transparent and accessible regulations to prevent energy poverty

Think local to impulse a change and share strategies but also think global to adapt the solutions taking in account the global differences – on that part Future Energy Leaders have a role to play. We may be part of the problem, but we are also part of the solution. Join the FEL community to transform ideas on concrete actions.

Be part of the discussion that will shape the future of energy, join us for the 26th World Energy Congress on April 22-25 2024 in Rotterdam and get the opportunity to share your ideas with the energy community.


Maelle Gomez

Future Energy Leader, World Energy Council

Manager Energy & Infrastructure, PwC